Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday August 15th

Shit is getting hectic in America. While our Reality TV Star President is fucking clueless, the rest of the nation is set to tear each other apart on social media and in the streets. Because there is SO MUCH information and its so easy to access , its easier to mislead and misinform people too. Someone today asked me "Are they Protesting Nazi's in America? Like they should be more?" What the fuck ? Is that the message some people are getting? I had to explain to grown man, that the protests are Anti-American and nothing more than preaching hate. Im the son of a German immigrant, this hits home on two planes for me. First, The exploitation and glamorization of Nazis and the hypocrisy of these Hate Groups. I can't stand this Public Relations spin bullshit of calling them a Socialist Party. How are these groups going to tell Black people the descendants of Slaves to "Get Over it", when they are protesting the removal of Civil War Statues and Confederate monuments. Someone should tell them to get over it. Time teaches us that we all make mistakes. We have to be the ones to acknowledge, address them and move on. White People, Quit Fucking up Man... tired of that shit.

Here's a short list of stuff that keeps me from being a White Supremacist:

Hip Hop, not just the music but the culture in general
Chinese Food, General Tsao Chicken and Beef and Broccoli Specifically
Latin Women.... Holy Shit....
and I truly beleive that Cultural Diversity is What makes America The Best Country in the world. 

But Right now, we're not acting like it. Or I should at least say we're not being portrayed in that light. I applaud and really dig the things Justin Trudeau the PM of Canada is doing. He's a class act. I wish we had someone like him in charge here.

But Hey at least I got #GameOfThrones and Pro Wrestling to help keep my sanity.

Here are my musings:

To me, HATE is a very taxing and tiring emotion. I cant hate anyone for too long. Even if Im in traffic. Letting someone you know especially that you hate them, lets them hold power over you.

I wish sometimes my life could be simpler like this thought:

On the Bright Side, I got booked to do Shows in California, Arizona, Colorado and back to Texas Next Year. All on my own.

Hope to see you at a Show and I wanna let you know that I love you. 


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